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At last, my human friend Tanis has seen fit to get me my very own web page. Actually, I shouldn’t complain ‘cos, as humans go, she’s very accommodating doing workshops and writing books to help humans get in touch with elementals. Anyway, I know you humans are always in a hurry so I’d best get to the point.





To become creators like us elementals, you’ve got to learn to work with your Body Elemental. Tanis’ talk and visualization will DEFINITELY help you. This CD is a perfect accompaniment to our book, Summer with the Leprechauns, as well as the Spiritual Transformation Course that we elementals made sure had a chapter on the body elemental.

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Many thanks to Josep M. Figueras Andreu, who translated and recorded the Spanish version of “The Body Elemental: Healing With Your Body Elemental”.


El Elemental del Cuerpo: Sanándote con tu Elemental del Cuerpo

Conocer el Elemental del Cuerpo y aprender a trabajar con él es esencial si deseamos convertirnos en creadores. La charla y la visualización guiada que se hallan en el CD es lo que a menudo solicitan los asistentes a los seminarios de Tanis Helliwell. Este CD es el complemento ideal de su libro “Un verano con los duendes” así como para nuestro Curso de Auto-estudio de Transformación Espiritual, el cuál incluye un capítulo específico dedicado al elemental del cuerpo.

Buy CD $14.95       Audio File (mp3) Download $9.95

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leprechaun-crossingTanis and I have a nice SURPRISE for you. We’ve got a great DVD called ELEMENTALS AND NATURE SPIRITS that has my stamp of approval and some faeries even let their pictures be taken for it. In our Elementals and Nature Spirits DVD you will learn how to work and play with elementals. Here’s some of the great topics.
• Purpose of Elementals
• The Body Elemental
• The Four Elements
• Meeting Elementals
• Learning from Elementals
• Birth of the New Earth

Here is a FREE sample video excerpt of the first topic Purpose of Elementals.

If you like it, and I think you will, you can buy the WHOLE ELEMENTALS AND NATURE SPIRITS DVD for only $19.95 —a REAL DEAL– from our bookstore.


Pilgrimage with the LeprechaunsJust in case you haven’t read our book PILGRIMAGE WITH THE LEPRECHAUNS you might want to give it a try as well. I took Tanis and 30 humans on a tour of Ireland and introduced them to what we Irish call ‘The Craic’, which is to have a good time —leprechaun style.

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Summer with the LeprechaunsTanis and I have completely revised our first book SUMMER WITH THE LEPRECHAUNS: THE AUTHORIZED EDITION about how we first met and think you would enjoy it.

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If you’ve read all of MY books and you want to read some of Tanis’s just give this a click!


Link here for Articles on Elementals and Nature Spirits


leprechaun-hatI’ve got me own website now – how excitin’… Here it is: