The High Beings of Hawaii

The High Beings of Hawaii, a new book from Tanis Helliwell

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This Hawaiian vacation turns into a humorous, heart-opening odyssey that is alive with beings from other dimensions.

Join Tanis’ adventure to meet seldom-seen beings of various races that dwell in volcanoes, misty forests and roaring seas. Discover the meaning behind our interconnected ancestral lineage. Receive practical tools from these physical and spiritual ancestors to heal the wounds in your life, in the lives of others and ultimately to help heal our wounded Earth. Walk with the author along this meaningful path and you could develop a deep, intimate relationship with your own ancestors, elementals and mystical kin.

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Praise for High Beings:

This book is a captivating look at what are, for most people, the normally unknown, unseen and unheard life forms in nature. Since childhood Tanis Helliwell has had the gift of seeing and hearing the beings of other realms of which most of us are unaware. This story is a true account of everything she experienced and learned while on vacation in Hawaii.

Having been to Hawaii many times myself, I already knew how special this remote island paradise is. Amidst the lush vegetation, emerald mountains, cascading waterfalls and vast ocean a primal and mystical energy prevails; nowhere more so than on Kauai where the energy is palpable. In this delightful book Tanis brings myths and folklore to life as she explores sacred sites and encounters real beings from other realms who share this planet with us. She brings us the awareness that everything in nature is alive and conscious and she conveys the words that the mo'o, menehune and Hawaiian ancestors she meets ask her to share with us.

Adding amusement to her journey is the-always-entertaining Lloyd the leprechaun who she met in Ireland over twenty years ago and who has been a friend and teacher ever since. It is Lloyd who has been largely responsible for her meetings with elementals and he unexpectedly pops in for visits while she is in Hawaii. They are working to partner humans with elementals to work together in co-creating a beautiful and healthy Earth. I also highly recommend reading Summer with the Leprechauns; the authorized edition, a fascinating and amusing account of meeting Lloyd and other elementals the summer she lived in an old cottage in a remote part of Ireland.

—Karen W., reader